If you own plumbing business or you’re thinking about starting one, one element critical to your brand’s success is an innovative plumbing logo. While creating a logo from scratch might seem intimidating, you don’t have to be a graphic designer to make a great logo.

We’ve broken down the essentials of logo design to give you a full overview of everything that goes into a great logo. For your plumbing logo, you’ll want to integrate features that make you appear trustworthy, respected, and professional. Keep that in mind as you read along.

  • Logo Basics
  • Logo Types to Consider for Your Plumbing Company
  • Color Psychology

Logo Basics

A logo tells customers who you are and what you do—that’s a big job. A brand name, on the other hand, informs clients of your company’s identity. The mark

(an icon or symbol) associated with it helps customers recognize and remember your business the next time they see it.

A great plumbing logo, for example, separates your company from the rest of the pack. Perception and trust are built over time and a logo that’s a bit different than competitors will contribute to the distinctiveness of your brand image. Here are some other aspects of logos to think about as you create your design.

  • Brand personality: A well-designed plumbing logo can communicate different aspects of your company’s personality or attitude.
  • Aiding recall: A good logo is something that a potential customer can remember. Your logo should be simple and bold. Avoid confusing abstract marks or a monogram logo if you’re a new plumbing company trying to get your name out in the market.
  • Anatomy of a Logo: A logo is made up of a name and a mark. But some companies do away with a mark altogether and simply use a name. Others, like Nike, are part and parcel of the symbol itself; you can’t think of Nike without thinking about the Nike swoosh. However, unless you’re as famous as a company like Nike, you’ll probably want to include your company name in your logo design.

Logo Types to Consider for Your Plumbing Company

Some of the most iconic logos in the world—Coca-Cola, Apple, and IBM—all have one thing in common: simplicity. The age is like fine wine because the original designers of the logo chose timeless design elements.

 With this in mind, here are some types of logos you might want to consider as you move forward in the design process.

Logotype: A company name in distinct typography (no mark associated with it)

  • Good for short company names and “new kid on the block” businesses
  • Examples: IBM, Google, eBay

Monograms: A company’s initials, possibly arranged in an abstract design

  • Great for businesses with long names that are already established brands
  • Avoid this style of the logo if you’re a new plumbing business because it can be too difficult for customers to figure out your actual company name
  • Examples: GE, Volkswagen (VW), LG

Abstract Marks: Nonrepresentational design or mark paired with the company name

  • Helps to make your business more unique and distinctive; more “serious” than adding a representational icon
  • Examples: Chase, BP, Pepsi

Descriptive Marks: A visual representation of a company’s products, services, or defining features

  • Easily identifies what your company does; good for customer recognition and recall
  • Avoid a childish descriptive mark that’s too cartoonish; think about adding in more refined images and icons like pipe silhouettes or water droplets
  • Examples: The National Cotton Council of America, Dunkin’ Donuts

Color Psychology in Plumbing Logos

Color Psychology in Plumbing Logos

Color is a major part of logo design because colors are directly related to your product, company, or product. Different colors promote different emotions and relationships between consumers — so it’s important to choose color schemes that represent the spirit of your company.

When planning your plumbing design ideas, spend some time thinking about the colors you want to use. In addition, you will want to consider what those colors will look like in some situations, such as your plumbing company, and marketing materials such as flyers and business cards.

Below are some general color associations you can use to guide your choice of logo colors

  • Red: passion, danger, power, love, youthful, bold
  • Green: natural, luck, money, envy, freshness, growth, health
  • Blue: confidence, loyalty, trust, water, comfort, strength, authority, calm
  • Purple: creativity, wealth, nobility, luxury, success, wealth, wise
  • Orange: friendship, excitement, confidence, cheerful, fun
  • Yellow: attention, sunshine, optimism, energy, playful
  • White: light, cleanliness, purity, safety, peace, refined
  • Black: formality, neutral, calm, classic, serious, tradition